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For more than 50 years, Berk-Tek has been a leading manufacturer of more than 100 different network copper and fiber optic cable products. The company has led in the development of high-performance and enhanced fiber optic and UTP cables designed to transport high-speed data and voice transmissions. Berk-Tek has major manufacturing facilities at New Holland, PA, Fuquay-Varina, NC, and Elm City, NC.

Berk-Tek Industrial Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Optic Cables

Leviton offers a wide array of Berk-Tek fiber optic cable constructions that utilize the industry's leading single-mode and multimode optical fiber. When you choose any of Leviton’s Berk-Tek fiber optic cables, you are assured performance excellence, thanks to our engineered innovation that maximizes reach and optimizes power budgets.

Berk-Tek Industrial CAT5 Cables

Premise Copper Non-Plenum (CAT5)

With over 50 years of manufacturing expertise, you can be sure these Industrial Cables will perform both mechanically and electrically. With industrial cold-bend performance and resistance to sunlight and oil, these cables are suitable for light to medium duty, static, industrial applications. Berk-Tek products offer best-in-class electrical performance.

Berk-Tek Industrial CAT6 Cables

Premise Copper Non-Plenum (CAT6)

Your business demands continuous performance from your IT network, so our specifications aren't simply numbers on the page. They define the way that we do business. This means that you are guaranteed industry-leading performance and quality for all Berk-Tek products.



Berk-Tek industrial performance CAT5

Premise Copper Plenum (CAT5)

Our systems ensure optimum performance throughout the entire network, with cabling and connectivity options  that address your unique requirements for application speed, distance, and cabling pathways. See below for an example of how our solutions can support your entire facility.

Berk-Tek industrial performance CAT6

Premise Copper Plenum (CAT6)

Berk-Tek’s LANmark-6 OSP (Outside Plant) Standard Category 6 UTP cables are designed for outside applications, either aerial or buried in conduit or duct, where building to building interconnections must be made.

Berk-Tek industrial performance CAT6A

Premise Copper Plenum (CAT6A)

LANmark-10G2 is a true multi-media cable, designed to handle the convergence of voice, video and data at 10 gigabit Ethernet speeds, simplifying even the most dynamic network. The 10G2 is a breakthrough in cable technology, with a patented design guaranteed to minimize alien crosstalk while maintaining a small outside diameter.