Bussmann Fuses

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Bussmann™ series circuit protection solutions enhance electrical safety and reliability. Our comprehensive  overcurrent and overvoltage product portfolio of solutions helps reduce arc flash hazards, increase short-circuit current ratings, enhance electrical safety, save panel space and provide quicker installation – all while reducing maintenance time and inventory.

At SMC, we pride ourselves on being a stocked Bussmann fuse distributor, ready to meet your demands without delay. Our extensive inventory encompasses a vast array of Bussmann fuses, ranging from standard to specialized variants. Whether it's for residential, commercial, or high-current industrial applications, our broad Bussmann fuse selection ensures we have the perfect fuse to safeguard your electrical systems.

Bussmann by Eaton Class CC Fuses

Class CC Fuses

A UL Class CC fuse is 600 volt AC current limiting rejection type fuse. The type CC fuse is offered in fast acting time delay and dual element time delay versions. Class CC fuses have ampere ratings from 1/10 to 30 amps and an interrupting rating of 200,000 amps. 

Bussmann by Eaton Class J Fuses

Class J Fuses

A Class J fuse is a 600 volt AC current limiting fuse that is rated to interrupt a minimum of 200,000 amps. Bussmann self-certifies their Class J fuses to a 300,000 interrupting rating.

Bussmann by Eaton Class RK1 Fuses

Class RK1 Fuses

The UL Class RK1 fuse is current limiting fuse that is rated to interrupt a minimum of 200,000 amps. The RK1 fuse is rated at either 250 volts AC or 600 volts AC and is available in fast acting or time delay versions. The RK1 fuse has ampere ratings range from 1/10 to 600 amps.

Bussmann by Eaton Class RK5 Fuses

Class RK5 Fuses

A UL Class RK5 fuse is a current limiting time delay fuse that is rated to interrupt a minimum of 200,000 amps. The UL Class RK5 fuse is less expensive but less current limiting than the Class RK1 fuse. It has a dual element construction. RK5 fuses are rated at either 250 or 600 volts AC. 

Bussmann by Eaton Fast-Acting Fuses

Fast-Acting Fuses

Fast-acting fuses help provide overcurrent protection on systems using DC power sources up to 63VDC. The fuse's monolithic, multilayer design provides the highest hold current in the smallest footprint, reduces diffusion-related aging, improves product reliability and resilience, and enhances high temperature performance. This helps facilitate the development of more reliable, high-performance consumer electronics such as laptops, multimedia devices, cell phones, and other portable electronics.

Bussmann by Eaton Time Delay Fuses

Time-Delay Fuses

A time delay fuse can handle 100 or 200% more electrical current than a regular type because it has an extra spring-attached short connector. The connector is attached to the fuse wire with a low melting point solder.

The fuse lets electrical surges pass through as long as they remain below the breaking capacity. It will blow out if the electricity crosses that maximum point. Also, a prolonged overload will build up the heat in the fuse to the point of melting the solder joint. It will open the connector by releasing the spring. The result will be the melting of the fuse wire, just what happens in case of a standard fuse.