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Honeywell Safety is committed to protecting men and women exposed to risks in all types of industries and work environments. It is this commitment that drives our design and manufacture of high quality equipment to meet the wide variety of workers' safety needs. Combining advanced technology, comfort and ergonomic features, we offer the most complete line of personal protective equipment from our international leading brands.

We offer the broadest portfolio of leading safety solutions in the marketplace today. Our 50 years of experience and knowledge in regulatory compliance, hazard identification, safety management, and PPE equipment selection and application, combined with a deep organizational commitment, uniquely positions us to help safety managers build a culture where workers make safer choices on their own. Partner with Honeywell to discover new ways to lead them to safety.

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Head/Face Protection

With an in-depth market and engineering knowledge and expertise as well as many years of experience as a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), Honeywell offers a line of hard hats that guarantee total safety, long-lasting comfort, excellent performance and innovative design.

Honeywell's face shield masks offer enhanced protection and comfort, being incredibly light and highly adjustable for all-day comfort. With world-recognized innovative designs and materials, Honeywell's face shields are engineered for reliability, performance and comfort.

SMC | EyeProtection-Honeywell

Eye Protection

Keep your eyes safe from impact hazards, dust, heat, chemical splash and optical radiation. Enjoy Honeywell's safety eyewear, a line of products born from a clear vision for superior eye protection that exceeds safety standards without compromising style.

Honeywell's safety eyewear products were born combine innovations, technically advanced capabilities and superior designs that deliver the highest levels of protection, comfort, fit, durability and style. Honeywell's high-performance industrial safety eyewear offers superior safety and ensures enhanced productivity in any situation.

SMC | FallProtection-Honeywell

Fall Protection

For many industrial employees, working at height is just another part of the job. That's why Honeywell has created the most innovative fall protection equipment with the mission of keeping your team safe on the edge of a building, in a bucket truck or in a confined space.

Whether you're looking for harnesses, self-retracting lifelines, or horizontal and vertical lifeline systems, Honeywell's fall protection equipment is designed and manufactured to keep workers cool and comfortable, help maintain range of motion and hold up with strength when put to the test.

SMC | Boots-Shoes-Hoffman

Work Boots/Shoes

Honeywell Safety Products offers superior protection from the ground up, in our line of safety shoes. Our safety footwear provides incomparable quality, durability, style, and comfort.

As the market leader in safety shoes, Honeywell equips workers around the globe with comfortable work boots and work shoes for men and women, such as steel toe boots, that are engineered for maximum protection against work hazards across multiple industries. 

SMC | Gloves-HandProtection-Honeywell

Gloves/Hand Protection

Hand lacerations, abrasions, and chemical exposure are some of the most common injuries in many work environments. To help combat these issues, Honeywell offers the most comprehensive selection of quality work gloves on the market today, so jobs can be done safely and effectively. Honeywell provides industrial gloves that go beyond protection to include elements that enhance grip, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity, helping workers get the job done and, most importantly, stay safe.

SMC | HearingProtection-Honeywell

Hearing Protection

Many industrial environments like factories and plants involve loud machinery and tools to get the job done. And while hazardous noise may not cause adverse effects immediately, exposure to it adds up cumulatively over time.

From innovative electronic earmuffs to connected earmuffs, our broad range of hearing protection solutions is designed to fit and seal to the worker's ear perfectly. With the right protection, Honeywell can help preserve hearing for a lifetime.

SMC | Respiratory-Protection-Honeywell

Respiratory Protection

The risk of inhaling harmful particles, vapors and gases is very high in many industries and that is a big threat to worker safety. With long-standing expertise in respiratory protection and a deep understanding of worker needs, Honeywell engineers all types of respiratory protection solutions, from disposables, air and powered air purifying respirators (APR and PAPR), and full range of cartridges, filters and other accessories to air supplied systems and Self Contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBA).

Honeywell’s respiratory protection solutions guarantee compliance, comfort, ease-of-use, durability and enhanced work productivity. First and foremost, they guarantee safety.