Hubbell Premise Wiring

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Hubbell Premise Wiring is committed to maintaining the tradition of excellence and delivering unmatched quality, innovation, and reliability. No other company provides a broader range of products for every aspect of network connectivity. 

Hubbell's reputation as an industry leader has been earned by developing high-performance systems and components. Hubbell Premise Wiring's product offering is continually expanding to provide performance and installation flexibility. These products are designed to exceed current and existing standards, so you can feel confident you have selected a product that will last well into the future.

Hubbell Premise Wiring Raceways


Hubbell Premise Wiring provides Engineers and Designers with resources, along with Outdoor Cable specification designs. Hubbell has raceway options available in aluminum, metal, nonmetallic, and prewired. These pre-wired systems are configured with all device cover plates, end caps, elbows, and other required fittings, making installation fast and easy. 

Hubbell Premise Wiring Audio/Visual Accessories

Audio/Visual Accessories

Audio and visual expectations continue to grow as more users engage with multimedia. Hubbell Premise Wiring supports the integration of connections from a variety of audio/visual solutions, putting the right connection in the right location in any environment without installation hassle. 

Hubbell Premise Wiring Networking and Connectivity

Networking and Connectivity

Your digital infrastructure begins with reliable connectivity. Hubbell Premise Wiring's networking and connectivity products support a wide range of applications - from small building backbone to large data centers, basic field termination to high density, pre-terminated systems. 

Hubbell Premise Wiring Cable Management

Cable Management

Managing your wiring and cables throughout your facility, home, or personal workspace, can be a real challenge. Hubbell Premise Wiring's cable management products were designed to meet the varying capacity of challenges in data centers and telecommunication rooms. From low-capacity efficient models to high capacity with many options, Hubbell cable management products support all types of cable routing.