LENOX blades deliver high performance and are guaranteed to cut through tough materials. With over a century of cutting expertise and category breakthroughs, LENOX has become a gold standard in power tool accessories, hand tools, and band saw blades, helping users deliver work that is sure to stand out and be recognized on the job. LENOX provides the cutting performance and support that allows you to get it right the first time, every time.

LENOX has a passion for performance which drives continued investment, enabling extensive research and development powered by the most advanced manufacturing technology. Customers experience the results in products that outperform conventional tools and deliver more value.

LENOX Circular Saw Blades | SMC

Circular Saw Blades

LENOX blades deliver high performance and are guaranteed to cut through tough materials. LENOX metal cutting blades require no secondary grinding and are titanium carbide tipped to resist material build-up on teeth and ensure clean, cool cuts, while extending the blade's life. These blades can also be sharpened and are built with a modified triple chip grind for added durability. 

LENOX Drill Bits | SMC

Drill Bits

The LENOX drill bit family is both diverse and flexible, providing solutions for all your hole drilling needs. They have hole saws in multiple sizes and materials to handle precision cuts in masonry or ceramic tile.

LENOX drill bits are designed to ensure durability and speed without sacrificing quality. With features such as quick change-outs and split-point design to prevent walking, their bits make work easier to make you more productive. The LENOX drill bit line is robust enough to provide all the solutions for any project.

LENOX Band Saw Blades | SMC

Band Saw Blades

LENOX offers an economical choice for general purpose and utility sawing operations. These blades are designed to cut through a wide variety of materials from carbon steels and aluminum to abrasive materials such as fiberglass and wood. High performance backing steel and optimized carbide grades give premium band saw performance.

LENOX band saw blades will cut faster and last longer in a wide variety of sawing applications than any other band saw blade. Ensure optimal blade performance in your application by choosing from a wide variety of LENOX band saw blades. 

LENOX Hand Tools | SMC

Hand Tools

LENOX Hand Tools make jobs easier while still providing the level of quality and performance you'd expect from a high-end tool. Their lineup includes hacksaws, hand saws, multi-bit screwdrivers, HVAC tools, utility knives, snips, files, and tubing cutters. Most of the tool lineups feature several options to fit any need. 

LENOX hand tools are constructed of durable materials, making them last longer and handle more pressure while working. While LENOX tools are durable, comfortability isn't sacrificed. Rubberized grips make them ergonomic, so there is less hand fatigue during long projects.


Jig Saw Blades

LENOX jig saw blades are high-performance, premium blades ideal for wood and metal cutting. Bi-metal blades set the standard for metal cutting performance. Although they may be simple to look at, the engineering behind LENOX blades is unparalleled. The LENOX research and development team is constantly innovating ways to create lightweight, strong blades which stand apart from the competition. 

After a century, LENOX has continued to lead the way in the hole saw and reciprocating saw blade categories and is now redefining performance of jig saw blades.


Reciprocating Saw Blades

Reciprocating saws add incredible versatility in tight spaces when paired with the right LENOX saw blades. LENOX offers a full selection of blades including contractor-grade blades, PVC, Pex, wood, as well as an assortment of super-duty demolition blades. 

LENOX's patented T12 Technology reduces cutting forces on each tooth and optimized chip removal to allow efficient cutting of the widest range of materials. LENOX also utilizes high speed blasting along the cutting edge to strengthen the blade, reducing breaks and increasing durability.


Cutting Fluids & Machine Cleaners

LENOX sawing and metalworking fluids are used to machine a variety of metals from aluminum to high-strength steels. Our fluids can dramatically increase the productivity of your shop. LENOX advanced lubricants are used in operations that produce high quality components for the automotive, aerospace, energy, transportation, and construction industries. 


Hole Saws & Accessories

LENOX hole saw individual bits come in a variety of sizes to suit just about any job. LENOX power tool accessories are designed to provide you with a broader capability using tools you already have. LENOX has generations of experience making hole saw individual bits that provide quality performance for both professional projects and household tasks.