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At MELTRIC Corporation, our only business is electrical plugs and receptacles. We are focused on providing our customers with the best overall value by offering the safest, highest quality and most reliable plugs and receptacles, and by backing them with outstanding service and support.

As a safety leader in the electrical products manufacturing industry for more than 35 years, MELTRIC designs and builds quality electrical connectors with the primary focus of ensuring electrical and user safety. Since 1982, we have manufactured hundreds of thousands of electrical plugs and receptacles that are used safely and without incident in diverse applications in almost every industry. Our product safety record is pristine by design and we’re proud of it!

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Switch-Rated Boxes/Angle Adapters

MELTRIC offers a variety of poly and metal angles and adapters to help you locate and position your devices in the most effective orientation for your application. We also offer a range of metal and poly junction boxes to support all sizes of MELTRIC Switch-Rated devices, and adapter plates to allow devices to be mounted on existing boxes.

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Switch-Rated Device Handles

We carry a large variety of handles to suit your needs. These include poly, metal with or without NPT, poly or metal with cord grips, and poly handle with clamp and bushing. Santoprene™ handles are also available if a rubber handle is preferred. 

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Switch-Rated Receptacles

Enclosed arc chambers, skirted plug casings, and safety shutters on the receptacles together create the dead-front design of MELTRIC Switch-Rated devices. With the dead-front design, it is virtually impossible for users to be exposed to either live parts or arcing.

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Switch-Rated Inlets

MELTRIC DECONTACTOR™ Technology allows our Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles to be safely connected and disconnected under full load, up to 200A and 100 hp, in wet or dry conditions.  

A MELTRIC Decontactor is a specialized electrical connector with push-button circuit disconnection that combines the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle in one device.