National Safety Apparel

National Safety Apparel

National Safety Apparel’s product offerings have grown to include personal protective equipment (PPE) for flash fire and arc flash, cut protection, hi-vis work and foul weather gear, and our evolving, foundational thermal protection. We are proud to manufacture in the U.S. with certification to ISO 9001 with design. Our certification allows us to offer product customization and personalization to any of our products, and the ability to develop products to best meet your specific needs and hazards.

Our team is ready to provide solutions to your PPE challenges and address your needs, questions, and requests; providing advantages that help make your purchasing decision easier. Workers across the country have come to rely on the quality craftsmanship, durability, and innovation that define National Safety Apparel.

    NSA-Eyes-Head-Face-Protection | SMC

    Eye/Face/Head Protection

    NSA eye and face protection includes visors/hoods fitted with arc flash and flame resistance. The protection reduces the risk of eye and face damage on the jobsite, which can arise from airborne particles, dust, gasses, chemical splashes, strong sunlight, lasers, electrical arcs, IE and UV radiation, etc.

    NSA-Hand-Protection | SMC

    Gloves/Hand Protection

    From leather work gloves to disposable gloves, proper hand protection is crucial to keeping workers' hands comfortable and safe while improving work flow and production.

    Our unrivaled assortment of hand protection includes leather work gloves, insulating voltage gloves, and flame resistant gloves available in a variety of styles, constructions, and coatings.

    NSA-Protective-Clothing | SMC

    Protective Clothing

    From FR work shirts and work pants to hoodies and FR outerwear, National Safety Apparel manufactures flame resistant workwear options for men and women in the US. Our innovative fabrics have been protecting the workforce since 1935 and keep them safe and comfortable today.

    Find arc rated FR clothing that protects against arc flash hazards with compliance to NFPA 70E, as well as flash fire protection with options that are UL certified to NFPA 2112.

      NSA-Welding-Sleeves | SMC

      Welding Sleeves

      NSA carries welding sleeves to help protect against molten metal splash, arc flash, radiant heat, and contact heat by using the latest lightweight fabric technology. These sleeves offer excellent comfort and durable protection, featuring blue elastic on both ends for added comfort. These sleeves are inherently flame resistant, meaning the flame resistance will not wash or wear out.