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Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1884 and since that time has played a dominant role in the growth of the global marketplace. Since manufacturing the world's first optical fiber cable in 1974, Furukawa has led the development of optical fibers by establishing a total production system for products ranging from high-performance silica-based optical fibers to a variety of optical fiber cables manufactured under the brand name "FITEL."

Born from "Furukawa Information Technologies and Telecommunications," the Fitel brand has expanded to include not only optical components, but also, fusion splicers, connectors and various optical-related products. With years of experience and a deep understanding for customer needs, the name has become synonymous with advanced technologies and unbeatable quality.

In 2001, The Furukawa Electric Co. Group welcomed OFS to its family. By developing a strong collaboration between FITEL and OFS, we are able to provide even greater range of cutting edge technology solutions to our customers worldwide.