G-Tek KEV Seamless Knit Gloves

G-tek-gloves From athletes to astronauts, first responders to industrial workers, Kevlar® enables anyone with an imagination and a job to finish to Dare Bigger™. PIP, the leading provider of coated seamless knit gloves in America, has teamed up with DuPont® to develop the new G-TEK® KEV™ series of cut resistant gloves, a unique combination of high strength and thermal stability. These gloves are ideal for handling and assembly of medium to large parts and materials, metal fabrication, parts cleaning, mechanical equipment maintenance and repair, and medium to heavy fastening and anchoring.

DuPont™ Kevlar® is light, comfortable and enduring protection against heat, cuts, lacerations and abrasions. Protective gloves and sleeves bearing this brand name provide assurance of compliance to strict performance and quality standards, and are produced only by Kevlar® licensed manufacturers.


Nitrile is a synthetic rubber compound that offers excellent puncture, tear and abrasion resistance. Nitrile is also known for its resistance to hydrocarbon-based oils or solvents. Nitrile coated gloves are the first choice for industrial jobs which require handling of oily parts. Nitrile is durable and helps to maximize protection.


Available in Nitrile, NeoFoam® and PVC, foam coating cell structure is designed to channel fluids away from the surface of the object helping improve grip in slightly oily/wet conditions. Secure grip in dry conditions. Oily/wet grip varies with density of cell structure.


  • Seamless knit construction provides comfort without sacrificing dexterity 
  • Kevlar® fiber shell provides high tensile strength relative to its weight, and is inherently cut resistant and will not melt, ignite or conduct electricity
  • Foam Nitrile coatings are breathable and durable, designed with a cell structure that disperse fluids on contact for an improved grip
  • Knit Wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
  • Color coded hems for easy size identification
  • Launderable for extended life and to reduce replacement costs


ANSI Cut Level: A7
ANSI Abrasion Level: 4

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