CRC RTV Silicone Pressurized Tubes with Select-a-Bead™ Nozzle

CRCRTVSiliconePressurizedtubes-ProductPicCRC RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) Silicone Pressurized Tubes are designed for a wide range of sealing, bonding, protecting, and waterproofing applications. The CRC Select-a-Bead™ nozzle allows for easy control of silicone bead width. The unique double piston pressurized can allows for smooth, uniform dispensing from start to finish. 


  • Clear - Forms a barley visible water-tight seal
  • White - Designed for high moisture, indoor/outdoor applications
  • Blue - Heavy duty industrial gasket sealant
  • Red - High temperature, low odor, non-corrosive gasket sealant 
  • Black - High pressure, low odor, non-corrosive gasket sealant


  • Pressurized package keeps silicone fresh so it won't dry out
  • Self-sealing plug
  • VOC compliant*
  • Seal, bond, waterproof, and protect
  • Cures at room temperature - no special curing methods required
     *As defined by Consumer Products VOC regulations

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