Flexible I/O platform enabling integrated control for your Connected Enterprise® production system. 

FLEXHA 5000™ I/O is a reliable and flexible distributed I/O solution, allowing you to choose your I/O to meet your operational needs. This platform will allow for integrated safety I/O and base process control I/O to be conveniently mounted in the same rack which reduces hardware complexity and cost.  All modules will be TUV certified to SIL3. FLEXHA 5000 I/O enhances communication with 1 Gb EtherNet/IP™ connectivity, offering higher speed and increased bandwidth. Ease of communication is optimized with multiple network topology options such as Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), Device Level Ring (DLR), Linear, and Star. A defense in depth security strategy is achieved with module vendor certificates, firmware encryption, and secure boot functionality.

Flexibility in design and maintenance:

  • Optimize footprint by mounting up to 24 I/O modules on a single node, vertically or horizontally, and in any module sequence.
  • Operate at -40...70 °C (-40...158 °F) temperatures and in extreme environments up to GX rating with conformal coating.
  • Use in hazardous areas under Class I, Division 2, Zone 2, and Groups A, B, C, D
  • Reduce downtime with simplified Removal and Insertion Under Power (RIUP) and easy online changes.

Ready for process applications:

  • Gain support for ControlLogix® 5580 controller redundancy in high availability applications from Studio 5000 Logix Designer® software (version 35 or later) and deliver more consistent operations with increased reliability.
  • Reduce downtime with easy access to additional process diagnostics via HART Premier Integration in Studio 5000 Logix Designer software.
  • Save engineering time through tight integration with instruction set in the PlantPAx® system.

Universal I/O:

  • FLEXHA 5000 I/O contains a universal card option that allows for flexibility in I/O choice. This I/O choice is configurable per channel within Studio 5000® software (version 35 or later) as analog (HART capable) or discrete, input or output.
  • Modules can be configured in simplex or duplex.

Contact an SMC Automation Specialist for more information on the FLEXHA 5000 I/O!


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