KENGold™ CVD Coating Technology


Discover the most reliable insert coating for enhanced edge protection in turning applications.

KENGold is the next generation of CVD coating technologies featuring uniform layers that resist abrasion, provide a strong thermal barrier, improve edge toughness, and allow for easy detection of wear due to its gold flank. 

Leveraging advanced pressing and honing technologies, Kennametal has achieved consistently tight tolerance levels with KENGold and has applied the advanced coating to the KCP25C grade. The grade is extremely versatile when machining steel in a wide range of turning applications. It offers improved toughness and resistance to abrasion and chipping.

KENGold Coating Technology applied to the KCP25C Grade:

  • Protects against flank wear
  • Reduces waste of unused edges by offering easy identification of worn or unused edges
  • Resists wear and provides a strong thermal barrier 
  • Increases output rate reliability and has consistent tool life

A Closer look at the KENGold Coating Technology

  • The outermost layer protects against flank wear and enables wear identification with its gold color TiN top layer. This improves abrasion resistance with the KCP25C grade. 
  • The second layer is comprised of a black AI203 coating with a recently developed uniform nanostructure to act as a strong thermal barrier and resist wear. 
  • The third layer is a transition layer that bonds the tough and wear-resistant layers. 
  • The fourth layer resists chipping with its highly uniform crystal structure within the medium-temperature TiCN coating layer. This also enables improved toughness and greater wear resistance. 

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