Signaling Solutions: Horns, Beacons, and More

Untitled design Allen-Bradley® quality signaling solutions from Rockwell Automation can help you achieve your plant floor goals with efficient control and automatic monitoring. Whether you’re trying to improve your operational efficiency, avoid costly breakdowns, prevent material shortages, or make your manufacturing environment safer, this wide variety of signaling products can help you maintain timely production schedules while meeting your toughest automation challenges. These products are designed for fast, flexible, and easy installation to save you time with advanced modular assembly and unparalleled performance and reliability.

Focus on safety and improve your productivity with Allen-Bradley signaling solutions. Your plant operations are far too important to risk.

Control Tower™ Tower Lights 

  • Designed to communicate application status, alerting you to critical equipment and system needs on the plant floor
  • Available in a wide variety of optical and acoustical functions, sizes, colors, voltages, and mounting options 
  • Help monitor some of your most challenging control panel and on-machine applications 
  • Can be pre-assembledto save time or ordered as separate light and sound modules for customized field assembly
  • UL Type 4/4X/13, IP65 (indoor/outdoor) for 30, 50, and 70 mm models 
  • cULus, CE
  • UL Type 4/4X/13, IP66 (indoor/outdoor) for 40 and 60 mm models

Industrial Beacons 

  • Easy-to-install, modular beacons offer steady halogen, flashing halogen, xneon strobe, rotating halogen, and LED technology 
  • Provide highly visible strobe light to indicate areas requiring attention 
  • Available in a wide range of mounting options, voltages, sizes, and colors to fit virtually any application 
  • UL Type 4/4X/13, IP65 (indoor/outdoor)
  • UL Type 3R, IP66 (855B-GMS)
  • cULus, CE

Panel Mount Alarms 

  • Enhance space efficiency with devices ready to be installed in a control panel 
  • Devices include sounders, LED beacons, xneon strobes, and sounders with LED combination, as well as dual -circuit alarms
  • Significantly reduce panel space requirements and installation time 
  • Devices are rear securing and finger safe, adding a high level of environmental integrity to your panel
  • UL Type 4/4X/13, IP65 (indoor/outdoor) 
  • 22.5 mm hole or 30.5 mm with adapter 
  • cULus, CE

Panel Lights

  • Ideal for OEMs and panel builders who are looking to reduce the quantity of components without losing reliability and/or functionality of their designs
  • Eliminates the need to buy fluorescent lamps as separate components
  • Panel light can be left on continuously due to low power consumption and the minimum heat generation of modern, maintenance free technology 
  • cULus listed and CE marked 


  • Surface and well mount industrial electronic horns provide multi-stage, multi-tone voice messaging and volume control capabilities
  • High-performance industrial and recordable horns are available as stand-alone devices or with mini square beacons attached for high visibility
  • UL Type 13/3R, IP56 (855H)
  • UL Type 4/4X/13, IP66 or 3R/13, IP54 (855H-SG/FG)
  • cULus, CE

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