Guardlink - Device Level Safety Linking Technology

GuardLink provides access to diagnostic data of the safety devices.
  • No configuration is required, with wiring achieved through standard cabling with M12 connectors
  • Up to 32 safety input devices can be connected in series over 1000m
  • Guardlink Supports connection of safety devices with either electromechanical or solid state safety outputs
  • Remote lock, status indication, reset and fault reset of safety input devices can be achieved
  • Certified for applications up to and including PLe Cat 4

Why Choose GuardLink?
Series connection of safety input devices is common practice in safety-related control systems. However, when the system trips, fault finding can be difficult due to the lack of diagnostic information. Providing diagnostics typically required additional wiring, increasing complexity and installation time. GuardLink simplifies this by providing safety and diagnostic information through the same cable. Connected to a safety relay and using an EtherNet/IP Network Interface, this information is easily passed through to the control system for increased diagnostics.

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