Lithonia LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures

NL-2106-LithoniaLighting-thumbnailSMC is excited to introduce the release of two new Lithonia LED High Bay lighting fixtures. 

The new Compact Pro High Bay by Lithonia is a budget-friendly, industrial-grade lighting solution. This new high bay option allows for cheaper shipping, condensed storage, and quicker installation. Unique for it's size and weight, this compact option is 50% smaller than a typical high bay, making it easier and quicker to install than ever.

The CPHB includes hanging hardware and allows for 120/277 multi-volt needs. Integrated LEDs generate a nominal 12,000 lumens while efficiently using minimal watts, and dimmable LEDs also extend the life of the fixture while saving you money. 

Also new, the JEBL Round LED High Bay from Lithonia is extremely versatile and highly durable. Ideal for applications including warehousing, gymnasiums, manufacturing, and outdoor canopies, the JEBL delivers comfortable and uniform lighting from heights up to 30 ft. 

Switch to the JEBL HED to save time and money; this integrated LED is virtually maintenance-free and can last up to 54,000 hours (or 17 years) when operating up to 8-hours a day. 6kV surge protection also ensures the JEBLs extreme durability. 

CPHB Features:

  • Compact design saves time and money during installation
  • Innovative Glare Control lens meets new DLC 5.1 standards
  • Robust 6kV surge protection standard per ANSI standards for industrial environments
  • Operates up to 55°C ambient
  • Includes mounting hardware (V-hook & 36" hanger chain)
  • Approved for global application: UL, CSA, CCC, and IEC performance interrupting/breaking capacity 
  • Offers current-limiting option (H, J, and K frames) that provides half-cycle interrupt to limit let-through energy


  • 12000 LM, 15000 LM, 18000 LM, 24000 LM, 30000 LM

JEBL Features:

  • Robust 6kV surge protection standard, meeting the ANSI standard for Industrial environments 
  • Listed for wet locations and IP65 rated to help protect against dust and airborne contaminants from indoor and outdoor environments
  • Robust 6kV surge protection standard per ANSI standards for industrial environments
  • 55°C ambient temperature rating


  • 12000 LM, 18000 LM, 24000 LM, 30000 LM

Contact your local SMC branch to learn more about these new releases!

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