Introducing ARC™ Technology

ARC-Tech webIntroducing ARC™ Technology from Milwaukee Cylinder. ARC is a new automatic recirculating cylinder technology which extends the life of a cylinder by automatically flushing new oil into the cylinder on every cylinder cycle.

ARC is a proprietary cartridge built into the piston. When the piston reaches 3/16" from the end-of-stroke, ARC opens and oil is allowed to bypass the piston, flushing the cylinder with clean, cool oil. When not at end-of-stroke, ARC closes, allowing the cylinder to obtain full force and speed. 


  • Extend cylinder life by 25% or more by removing stagnant oil 
  • Operate in higher temp environments by end-of-stroke cooling
  • Better hydraulic performance 
    • Remove trapped air, preventing erratic behavior

Limited-Time Promotion

18 Month Extended Warranty   |   If the ARC cylinder does not last 25% longer than the previous non-ARC cylinder, Milwaukee Cylinder will offer a $200 credit towards the purchase of future Milwaukee Cylinder product. 
Eligibility and Terms & Conditions apply. Contact Milwaukee Cylinder for more details. 


  • Available on H-Series product
  • Flow side 
    • Rod end or blind end
  • Flow volume
    • High flow or low flow
  • Various bore and rod combinations;
    • Starting at 3 1/4" bore

Take advantage of this new technology!

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