JXC51/61 Series Step Motor Controller

NL-2204-JXCThe JXC51 and JXC61 are controllers for LE's 24VDC step motors.  Enter up to 64 motion control step data with position, speed, acceleration, and pushing force so they can be called in any sequence by the PLC.  Data entry requires laptop software or a teaching pendant.  An Easy mode for data entry is available for quick start ups, as well as the more detailed Normal mode.  Additional features include separate control and motor power, alarm detection, and in-range AREA output signals.


  • Factory-preset parameters permit quick start up
  • Compatible motor: 24VDC step motor with incremental A/B phase encoder
  • NPN or PNP parallel I/O types
  • Power and Alarm LEDs
  • Screw or DIN rail mounting
  • Free configuration software required (downloadable)


  • Electric actuator control: Positioning operation and pushing operation, at a specific speed and force, of the electric actuator are possible by controlling the Step motor (24 VDC servo).
  • Specific force operation: Control the pushing force (or the pressing force) of the electric actuator
  • Return to origin: Return the electric actuator to the home position by sending a single signal to a dedicated terminal
  • Alarm detection function: Automatically detect the abnormal conditions and output the appropriate alarm signal via the serial interface and parallel I/O. The alarm information (up to the last 8 alarms) will be recorded into the memory of the controller. 
  • 64 step data: control the electric actuator according to the step data specified by the input of parallel I/O. It is possible to setup various parameters for each operation pattern. 
  • Area output: The area output terminal will be activated if the electric actuator position is within the range specified by "Area 1" and "Area 2" in the step data.
  • Data input method: It is possible to perform parameter setup, status monitoring, trial run, and alarm reset via the serial communication with a PC installed with the controller setting software or the teaching box. 
  • Easy mode and normal mode: There are two available modes for the controller setting software and the teaching box. In easy mode, you can start the operation by only setting the speed, position, etc. In normal mode, further detailed setup can be performed. 
  • Applicable for the battery-less absolute encoder: When using the actuator compatible with battery-less absolute encoder, detection of the absolute position enables the encoder to detect the actuator position when power is supplied, so operation is available with no return to origin operation.

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