SlimView Group Lock Box

NL-2207-LOTOMaintaining a safe and organized facility makes completing work easier and more efficient. To keep your safety padlocks and keys in order while saving space, Brady created the SlimView Group Lock Box. The innovative narrow design and recessed door allow padlocks to hang straight, reducing the overall footprint during group lockout or box storage. 

60% slimmer than standard lock boxes with padlocks installed

No need to worry about whether this narrow lock box can handle rugged conditions, as the steel body and polycarbonate door can outlast your toughest jobs. The clear door also provides full visibility to the contents of the box so you can easily see everything you need during your group lockout tasks. This lock box also provides:

• Built-in padlock and key hangers for convenient storage
• Storage for up to 12 padlocks
• Easy wall-mounting with button mount holes


  • Rugged steel body and polycarbonate door stand up to all of your toughest jobs
  • Clear door gives you clear view into everything you need during your group lockout
  • Convenient storage with built-in padlock and key hangers
  • Room for a dozen - storage space for up to 12 padlocks
  • Easy to wall mount with button mount holes

Good things come in small packages. The SlimView Group Lock Box reduces the space you need for group lockout or box storage. Shop below to start saving space in your facilities. 




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