Free Enclosure Temperature Performance Analysis

Enclosure-Thermal-AnalysisSMC's FREE Enclosure Temperature Performance Analysis could double your component life, saving you thousands in repairs, maintenance, and shutdowns. 

Not knowing the typical - and peak - operating temperatures of every control panel enclosure in a facility is dangerous. Overheating can easily lead to catastrophic part failures and costly:
  • Unexpected shutdowns
  • Emergency repairs
  • Unplanned capital expenditures

It only takes an 18˚F above room temperature to cut the lifespan of critical electrical components like VFDs, PLCs, inverters, and relays by 50%

Contact us to request your free Enclosure Temperature Performance Analysis, at no risk or obligation to you. 

What to expect: 

  1. Enclosure inspection: We inspect every enclosure and cooling unit and analyze the operating environment. 
  2. Temperature analysis: We take an in-depth look inside your enclosures to identify at-risk components. 
  3. Recommendations: We provide a comprehensive condition report with cooling recommendations. 

Benefits of an optimized enclosure setup and cooling:

  • Extend operational life
  • Prevent catastrophic failure
  • Maximize productivity
  • Preserve equipment warranties

Offer expires September 1st, 2023.

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