KenTIP™ FS Modular Drilling System

NL-2209-KenTIPThe new modular drill KenTIP™ FS covers more applications and provides better performance than any other modular system, delivering substantial cost savings and process simplifications on your shop floor. Carbide where it matters. KenTIP™ FS inserts cover the entire front part of the drill. The coupling is completely protected from chip flow and contact with the workpiece. 


  • DAV Insert for Vibration Assisted Drilling of CFRP Stacks
  • FEG Inserts
  • SPF Insert for CFRP
  • DAL Insert for CFRP Stacks
  • HPG Inserts
  • HPL Inserts
  • HPC Inserts


  • 3-point geometries, 3 high performance grades, 3 different shank styles
  • This modular drilling system covers a 6-26mm diameter range
  • Up to 12 x D drilling depths
  • Applicable in steel, stainless steel, and cast iron
  • Large, ultra-high polished chip flutes guarantee hassle-free chip evacuation, enhancing tool life and performance
  • Taper interference uniquely designed for highest rigidity champing
  • Retention lock prevents insert pullout
  • Large bearing surface positioned for transmission of highest torsional loads without pocket deformation
  • Large face contact surface
  • Coolant delivery to the drill point and to the rake for guaranteed coolant delivery where it is needed

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