Wraptor™ A6200 Wrap Printer Applicator

NL-2209-Brady-A6200WraptorNeed to add efficiency to your wire identification process? Try an automated solution like the Wraptor A6200 Wrap Printer Applicator. This device takes your most labor-intensive work, like hand applying labels, and replaces it with faster, more accurate automatic labeling. With it, you can boost your productivity as it prints and wraps wires in just seven seconds, thanks to its one-step print and apply process. 

Features and Benefits

  • Prints and applies labels to wires in less than seven seconds
  • Delivers fast material changeovers for added efficiency
  • Compact size enables cellular manufacturing workflows with easy set up multiple stations
  • Includes a full-color responsive touch screen and an icon-based user interface for ease of use
  • Enhanced connectivity with Wi-Fi, three USB ports and 32GB of internal memory to store file jobs
  • Ships with Brady Workstation Product and Wire ID Software Suite with built-in templates for fixed text or free-form label design options
  • Test before you buy: Brady can print and apply labels to a sample of your wire. Contact Technical Support for more information.

Saves time - reduces print / wrap cycle time by 50% relative to hand application

Saves labor - faster production with one-step print and apply. 

Saves space - compact design fits smaller workspaces 

If you’re looking for time savings, the Wraptor reduces print / wrap cycle time by 50% compared to hand application. But we’ll let you be the judge of that. Find out exactly how much you could be saving with the Wraptor A6200. Simply enter your information, and we’ll calculate the rest. 

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