700-FE Timing Relays

NL-2304-AB700-FE Timing Relays  (2)At 17 mm, the Bulletin 700-FE DIN Rail Timing Relays are the smallest Allen-Bradley® DIN rail products with a timing range of 0.05 seconds to 100 hours. There are four single function timing versions available (on delay, off delay, one shot, repeat cycle starting with pulse) for customers who require a specific function at the lowest possible price. However, if a user requires many different timing functions and would like to reduce their inventory and simplify their design requirements, a slightly higher cost multi-function timer is available which has seven timing functions in one part number.


  • Only 17.5 mm wide for space-sensitive applications 
  • DIN rail mounted without cost of socket
  • Single function or multi-function units 
  • Time range from 0.05 seconds to 100 hours 
  • 5A contact rating
  • Coil surge protection 
  • Wide range of output voltage 
  • Seven timing functions available 
  • Provides coil surge protection

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