Stay Cool with the EZ-Cool® Evaporative Cooling Towel

NL-2304-PIPE-ZCoolingTowel (1)When activated in a small amount of water, this amazing fabric feels cooler than the ambient temperature and will remain cool for hours. You may cut the towel size and wrap around your head, neck, wrists or use under a ventilated cap. If it dries out, just add water, give it a quick wring, and it’s ready to continue cooling.


  • Advanced Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) material absorbs water and sweat efficiently and remains active for hours
  • Natural evaporation provides a cooling sensation delivering comfort in warm environments
  • Rinse the EZ-COOL® towel prior to use and wrap around neck, head, or wipe down other pulse points for an exceptional cooling effect
  • Designed to be used over and over again; when it begins to dry out, simply rinse again
  • Great storage container; store product in between uses to keep clean
  • Extended cooling lasts 1 to 7 days, depending upon ambient conditions
  • Cooling properties can be reactivated for the life of the product; May be used over and over again
  • If unopened the PVA cooling towel has an unlimited shelf life and is reusable once opened if cared for properly

Stay cool this summer! PIPs EZ-Cool towel is perfect for tough summer work environments. 


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