700-FE & 700-FS Timing Relays

NewsImage-NL2312-Migration700FE-700FSWhy Migrate? Rockwell Automation is launching a new line of DIN rail mount timing relays. These new products will replace existing 700-FE and 700-FS catalog number that are discontinues as of March 2022. (Haz Loc versions discontinued in September 2022). Migrate now to the new 700-FE and 700-FE timing relays as the current product is now only available based on stock. 

New Product Benefits:

  • Ease of selection 
  • Reduced inventory 
  • New functions
Mitigate and Eliminate the Risks of Automation Obsolescence 
Rockwell Automation understands that your control panels are a critical asset in your automation system, and we support that by providing you with the latest technology to maximize your investment. New technologies can improve and extend the operation of existing equipment and provide an immediate boost to productivity. By migrating from your legacy 700-FS and 700-FE timing  relay products and related legacy 700-FS and 700-FE safety contactors and relays, you can help to decrease downtime and optimize operations well into the future. We will help you to meet this demand to innovate by proactively planning and managing your transition every step of the way to help you get the highest possible return on your automation investment.

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