MachineAlert™ Monitoring Relays

NL-2402-MachineAlertRelays-newsimageThe MachineAlert family of dedicated function motor protection relays offers state-of-the-art supplementary protective functions that are easily added and applied to your motor control circuits. This full range of products allows selective addition of motor protective enhancing functions to meet your specific application requirements for supplemental voltage, current, thermistor, power, and power factor based protection. Additionally, MachineAlert relays are your economical choice for protecting equipment investments and minimizing production downtime.

Protective Features:

  • Voltage monitoring relay - Guards against the damaging effects of phase loss, under and overvoltage, phase imbalance, phase reversal, and voltage  quality of incoming power line
  • Current monitoring relay - Provides under and  overcurrent detection 
  • Thermistor monitoring relay - Protects equipment from overtemperature conditions
  • Power (kW) monitoring relay - Monitors for under and over active power as well as power direction
  • Power factor (PF) monitoring relay - Monitors for under and over power factor detection


  • Programmable latching or inhibit  at set level
  • Adjustable time delay settings
  • Three-phase devices are powered by the measuring circuit
  • LED indication for relay, alarm and power supply
  • Global application with CE and  UL approvals

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