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Date & Time
Tue, Aug 06 - Tue, Aug 06
09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
About this event
This course is designed for electrical engineers, safety managers, electricians, electrical contractors, plant managers, facility maintenance personnel, electrical inspectors, risk managers, project managers, and anyone needing to know NFPA 70E. In this course, you will learn 2024 NFPA 70E fundamentals. In addition, SMC offers a complete line of arc flash PPE, insulated tools, lockout tagout devices and labels. SMC offers programs to retest or replace insulated gloves, transformer blankets and other protective devises without the customer having to keep track of the inventory.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion to remain in compliance, a copy of 2024 NFPA 70E standards, and an embroidered 7-piece tool starter kit. 

To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required: - None
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Speakers & Coordinators
Featured Speakers
Buddy Reily
Buddy Reily
SMC Industrial Safety Specialist
SMC Coordinators
Suzan McPherson
smcpherson@smcelectric.com | 417.624.5454
Course Agenda
  • Introduction
    • How Does Electricity Act
    • Types of Electrical Hazards
  • Shock
    • Difference of Potential
    • How is an Electrical Shock Received?
    • Dangers of Electrical Shock
  • Arc
    • Determining the Degree of Arc Hazards
    • Arc Faults
    • Bolted Faults
    • Warning Label
  • Blast
    • Incident Energy
    • NFPA70E Hazard Categories
    • Test Instruments & Equipment
    • Safeguards for Personal Protection
    • Arc Flash Analysis
    • Important Considerations
    • Methods to reduce calorie ratings
    • Safe Work Practices
    • Establishing electrically safe work conditions
  • Procedures
    • Personal Protection
    • Approach Boundaries
    • Flash Approach Boundary
    • Selection of Personal Protective Equipment
    • Personal Protective Equipment Required For Various Tasks
    • Protective Clothing & Personal Protective Equipment
    • Simplified Two-Category, Arc Rated Clothing System
    • Testing and Inspection Intervals
    • Warning Label
    • Discuss critical information required
    • Energized Work Permit
    • Procedures for utilizing this permit and when they are allowed
    • Discuss the hazards associated with motor control centers and recommend preventive measures.
    • Discuss the hazards associated with fuses, switches, and circuit breakers and
      recommend preventive measures.

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