SKU: IDL30793

IDEAL® OmniSeal™ 30-793 Type F Pro XL Compression Tool

Our flagship OmniSeal™ Pro XL (30-793) compression tool is compatible with and terminates all IDEAL® compression connectors. Patented dual spring clips and fixed top ledge enable this tool to compress more connectors than any other tool on the market. Unlike most compression tools which require adjustments and adapters for each type of connector, this compact 6-3/4 in length tool compresses all straight IDEAL® compression connectors with no adjustments to the tool. F/BNC/RCA/RG-11 F connectors can all be terminated one after another with no setting changes. Only the 90 deg F and BNC connectors require a tool adjustment. An adjustable spin knob allows for compressive forces to be placed on the rim of the connector instead of the bottom of the nut when required. This is helpful for non-IDEAL® plastic centered connectors such as 50 Ohm BNC's or RCA's with limited structural support. It can also be used as a larger flat surface to compress against for other types of non-traditional compression connectors. The adjustable post and spin knob, combined with three compression surface levels, give the installer virtually unlimited options for compressing current and future connector designs.


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