SKU: LNX3002121L

Lenox® SPEED SLOT® 3002121L Hole Saw, 15/16 in Dia, 1-7/8 in Cutting Depth, Bi-Metal Cutting Edge, 5/8 in Arbor, Applicable Materials: Stainless and Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Plastic, Wood and Composition Board

The word Upblade represents a mindset that LENOX® has lived by from day one. For nearly 100 years we've led the industry through many changes and innovations, and our blades have consistently remained on top. You saw this reflected in Hackman® as he toured the world facing bigger challenges at every stop-returning to us with insights that helped improve our blades' designs. And you see it with the challenges we put before our blades in our One Blade campaign. Challenges such as cutting 8 cars with a single blade. As we push our blades to the limit we UpBlade not only their achievements, but your perception of what one blade is capable of. UpBlade is the reason LENOX makes the best blades in the market. Because we're not satisfied with being the best. We're working hard every day to get even better.


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