Panduit® PanNet® IndustrialNet™ TX6A3™ FPS6X88MTG 2-Piece Shielded Field Term Plug, 1 Ports, RJ45 Conductor

The IndustrialNet™ TX6A™ Shielded Field Term RJ45 Plug is a simple-to-attach plug for field termination of 4-pair shielded twisted pair cable. Providing Category 6A performance the TX6A™ plug is also compatible with Category 6 and 5e shielded systems. The two-piece straight TX6A™ shielded plug terminates 4-pair, 22 to 26 AWG, 100 Ohm shielded twisted pair cable and uses proven TG-style forward motion termination technology to optimize performance by maintaining cable pair geometry while eliminating conductor untwist.


Product Overview