Air Leak Detection Audit


Due to the known energy loss, industrial companies are using Air Leak Detection Audits to reduce waste and energy consumption. This savings varies at each facility, but the results across the board have been staggering. Companies are achieving up to 42% reduction in annual energy cost.

Audit Process:

  • The first step is setting up an on-site survey with SMCs Fluid Power division. An expert will arrive at your plant fully equipped and prepared to audit your facilities
  • During the audit process SMC experts will identify, tag and report all air leaks
  • Following the thorough inspection using state-of-the-art equipment, SMC will provide you with a full findings report
  • Finally, SMC experts will provide you with the necessary next steps and resources to save you time and money

Key Benefits

  • Save money on energy consumption
  • Gain more available air
  • Decrease air consumption/capacity
  • Increase your machine efficiency
  • Prolong the life of your equipment

Companies that complete an air leak detection audit and optimize their systems will surely reduce energy consumption and benefit from lower operating costs. Keep in mind that even newly optimized systems can always be further improved. SMC experts recommend bi-annual audits to ensure you're running at optimal efficiency. If you haven't had a recent air leak audit, or you're looking for additional ways to save, let SMC help you get started with an Air Leak Detection Audit today!

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