Arc Flash Assessments

Arc Flash Assessments


An Arc Flash Assessment is the evaluation of a facility by an electrical safety expert to determine hazards and risks in relation to electrical systems. But you might be wondering, why are Arc Flash Assessments necessary?

  1. Worker Safety:

    Each year, it is estimated that there are:

    • 30,000 arc flash incidents per year
    • 2,000 workers hospitalized from arc flash burns per year
    • 100+ workers are killed each year due to electrical events

    The Arc Flash Assessment identifies and addresses the dangers of arc flash in the workplace. It provides workers with the information they need to work on equipment safely and helps them properly identify PPE.

  2. OSHA/NFPA70E Requirement:

    Maintaining OSHA compliance is among the top priorities for most companies. The arc flash assessment is required every 5 years per OSHA and NFPA70E.

  3. Improved electrical system efficiency:

    Things like a complete detailed 1-line drawing, equipment evaluation, and system recommendations can improve system efficiency.

What to expect:

  1. Pre-assessment walkthrough: In order to make a proposal for an Arc Flash Assessment, SMC must first conduct a walkthrough. The purpose of this walkthrough is to collect data regarding the electrical configuration of the facility. Once collected, SMC can send the information collected to engineering group, who then assists with the proposal and performs the assessment.
  2. Kickoff meeting: SMC and engineering group will meet with all persons involved with the assessment to go over the plan, safety precautions, PPE, etc.
  3. In-Depth data collection: Engineering group will start to conduct an in-depth data collection which will take 1-3 days for average sized facilities. They will be looking at:
    • Protective Device Settings (Breakers and Relays)
    • System Configuration and Equipment Condition for 3-phase distribution equipment
    • Equipment Nameplate Data (transformers, generators, distribution panels)
  4. Arc Flash Report: After all data has been collected, engineering group will prepare a detailed report of the facility’s distribution system complete with short circuit report, equipment evaluation, coordination analysis with as-found and recommended protective device setting tables, arc flash incident energy analysis, study one-line drawing, observations from data collection, and recommendations for improvement.
  5. Completion of Assessment: This report will be completed and delivered to customer in 4-6 weeks. Upon time of delivery, labels will be applied to equipment and we will go over the assessment with customer to answer any lingering questions.

Staying proactive to protect your workers against Arc Flash is essential. Contact SMC to schedule your Arc Flash Assessment and begin improving safety and production in your facilities.

Arc Flash Assessments from SMC help protect your workers against electrical hazards in your facilities.
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