E-Procurement Services


Do you wish you had the ability to simplify your purchase requisition and ordering process? SMC’s E-Procurement Services empower organizations and make achieving full visibility, control and management of your procurement spend a reality. SMC will save your employees valuable time with 24/7 access, optimized searches to quickly find products and services, and real-time inventory tracking into a seamless shopping experience. For over fifty years, SMC has helped companies like yours streamline operations and maximize efficiencies, giving you a competitive edge. REGISTER TODAY for a free online account.

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Simplify purchase requisition with SMC's E-Procurement.

E-Commerce Solution


SMC believes the continued investment in technology to problem solve and makes our customers work easier is a key component to support our Customers continued success. SMC’s E-Commerce website helps empowers your company with a quicker, seamless and simplified purchasing process with 24/7 access to easily check pricing, and view inventory in real-time. Register for your SMC account to get started today.



SMC’s punchout catalog is an E-Commerce solution that allows your institution, university, governmental agency, corporation or hospital to buy supplier direct from your electronic procurement system. This allows facility managers and operation managers to place requests for items and send the approval process to management.



In a world where we expect everything to be fast, EDI (Electronic data interchange) can empower your business. EDI provides the agility needed to better deliver what SMC customers expect from their buying experiences. EDI eliminates the complexities and automates the process, exchanging purchase orders, invoices, and other transactional documents like packaging, shipping instructions, and shipping notices. Contact us today to find out how SMC can automate and simplify your process.



If you find yourself reordering the same parts, then a custom online catalog can save you time and make ordering faster and easier. My Catalog automates and optimizes the entire purchasing cycle to maximize the impact of your resources. Start creating your catalog today by logging into your SMC account or signing up for free.

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