Electrical thermal imaging

An increase of only 18°F can cut the lifespan of your electrical equipment by 50%

During a Thermal Imaging Assessment, an SMC Technician uses an infrared camera to measure temperatures in electrical equipment. Significant differences or elevated temperatures can increase the risk of electrical incidents. Elevated temperatures could be the result of: 

  • Loose connections
  • Overloaded or imbalanced circuits
  • Faulty breakers
  • Damaged switches
  • Faulty fuses

Being unaware of the safe operating temperatures of all electrical equipment in a facility can be very dangerous. Overheating can lead to catastrophic failures, costly downtime, emergency repairs, and unplanned capital expenditures. 

How it works...

SMC specialists will start by inspecting equipment in your facility and analyzing the operational environment. Electrical risks can be dependent upon the environment it is in. Dust particulates can make the equipment unpredictable and of course, the exterior temperature can dramatically affect the electronics in your system. 

After this, a thermal analysis will be conducted on all equipment. At this time, specialists will use an infrared camera to assess the temperature of various electrical elements. They are taking thermal images to refer to and ensure temperatures are at a safe level. 

Any findings will be compiled into a report you will receive once the assessment is finished. If there are any areas of concern, these will be made known, and recommendations to remedy them will be provided. 

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Electrical Thermal Imaging Technician Working
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