Factory Authorized Drive Start Up


SMC is now offering a factory authorized drive start-up service with an extended 2 year warranty to help you ensure your production goals are met on time. The amount of time it takes to setup a new drive or service can greatly affect your ability to meet production goals and the overall growth of your business. To help limit start-up delays and improper equipment installation, SMC has partnered with Rockwell Automation to provide the overall service and help that you need to get your equipment set up correctly and efficiently.

With SMC's start-up assistance, our field service professionals help improve equipment operation and reduce your risk of performance problems and premature equipment failures. Many tasks are performed in the service including:

  • Incoming line and drive output grounding checks
  • Voltage application, checkout, calibration, and testing of the drive as appropriate for the application
  • Loading of network parameters in the drive
  • Documentation of drive and motor nameplate information, application information, drive settings, and operating parameters.
  • Physical inspection and verification of proper drive and motor installation practices prior to connecting the equipment to power
  • Verify that external control wiring is properly terminated at the drive input and output connection points
  • Confirmation of drive cabling to Motor, Line Feed, and Isolation transformer (if applicable)
  • Adjustment of operation parameters, within drive and motor design limitations, to values as appropriate for the application
  • Operation of drive through speed range to verify proper performance
  • Programming network parameters in the drive (Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet) (i.e. Program IP address for Ethernet)
SMC ensures correct network parameters, grounding, and equipment setup.
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