Fall Protection

Fall Protection


Every day, thousands of people around the world go to work and perform tasks at heights most would never dream of climbing to - a dangerous calling that results in thousands of injuries each year. 

Whether you're reaching for the sky or crawling into tight confined spaces, our commitment to you remains the same: providing you with quality, comfortable protection and valuable training that extends beyond the textbook to help you get home safely.

The ABC's of Fall Protection

With over 20,000 products designed for the specific needs of every industry with at-height hazards, we can find the just-right combination of anchorages, body support, and connector solutions to meet the requirements of virtually any application. 

A - Anchorages are a secure point of attachment. Anchorage connectors vary by industry, job, type of installation, and structure. They must be able to support the intended loads and provide a sufficient load of safety for fall arrest. 

B - Body support harnesses distribute fall forces over the upper thighs, pelvis, chest, and shoulders. They provide a connection point on the worker for the personal fall arrest system.

C - Connectors such as self-retracting lifelines or shock-absorbing lanyards connect a workers' harness to the anchorage. 

D - Decent and rescue devices are used to raise or lower a fallen injured worker to safety or retrieve him from a confined space.

E - Education is essential. We offer a variety of training and consultative services to fit your needs.

F - Fall protection for tools helps make work environments safer and more productive by reducing dropped object incidents.

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