Hydraulic Component Repair


Do you have hydraulic components showing signs of wear? Unpleasant noises or banging, lack of smooth movement, excess heat during operation, or uneven wear are a few of the signs that a part is on its way out. An unplanned replacement might be outside of your budget, but repair is much more affordable.

Repair Process:

  • The first step is contact your local SMC Fluid Power Specialist regarding issues that you are having.
  • SMC Specialists will review your issues and work to identify solutions to reduce downtime and improve system performance.
  • Using state-of-the-art equipment, SMC will ensure the faulty part is repaired to meet like-new specifications.
  • Finally, the repairs unit will be fully tested to ensure optimal performance and be delivered back to your facility.

Key Benefits

  • Less expensive than purchasing a new replacement
  • Reduce downtime due to shorter lead time than purchasing new components
  • Repairs are more environmentally friendly
  • Standard one-year limited warranty
Companies that utilize hydraulic repairs can help reduce downtime and benefit from lower operating costs. SMC can
come to your facility and help manage and track hydraulic repairs. Keep in mind that even new hydraulic systems can be further improved. Environmental factors like heat and oil contamination can shorten component life and reduce system performance. SMC experts are available to help troubleshoot systems and recommend design improvements!

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Maximize your hydraulics with SMC's Hydraulic Repair service.
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