SMC’s Integrated Supply Solutions enables your company to have a tailored, centralized system. Helping increase your working capital by reducing inventories, improving cost efficiency, and supports better control and visibility of your supply base. SMC will help streamline your process, while our experienced management team incorporates leading-edge operational practices and an in-depth assessment of your facility. Whether your organization is large or small, our team is committed to helping your organization run more efficiently, increase cost savings, and decrease labor costs.


Have you ever run out of stock on a critical part, tool or supplies? Being out of stock can drastically impact your production and business. SMC has a streamlined approach to inventory management and order fulfillment. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a collaboration and partnership between SMC and our customers to manage inventories of critically needed items. VMI helps reduce carrying costs, staffing, processing time, and supplies our customers with high-quality products with fewer transactions. Allowing for lower purchasing, receiving, and excess stock.


You need the right products, in the right place, at the right time to keep your production producing and your operations operating. SMC’s Vending Line Management (VLM) Solution brings controlled access to your point-of-use locations. Ideal for consumable inventory as well as items that can be used and returned. Your organization will get 24/7 availability, increased productivity, employee accountability, and reduced inventory spending when implementing SMC’s VLM Solution.


Did you know you can put your inventory to work for you? SMC’s Onsite Supply Management (OSM) helps reduce and control operating costs by managing inventory of frequently needed items that your staff use daily. SMC’s onsite resource helps manage all of your SMC inventory. You will have the visibility, control, and insight to all your SMC orders. No more purchase orders, no reconciliation of inventory, and no Stock-out issues. Leaving you to focus on business-critical tasks.


Who needs SMC’s Kitting solution? Any organization looking for reliable supply management. SMC one source Kitting solution is the process of separate, but related items picked, packaged, and supplied together under one part number. Saving your organization on training, handling and inventory costs while freeing up warehouse or storage space, maximizing profits. Let SMC help you decide if Kitting Services is right for your organization.

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SMC provides integrated inventory management services.
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