Machine Level Network Design


A Machine Level Network Design will evaluate customers' current state with documentation reviews or on-site network analysis to help determine if the network is able to meet functional requirements.


Increase machine visibility

Improve application response time

Support growth and expansion planning

Reduce operational costs 

    What to Expect:

         1. Collaboration Meeting - The process begins with a collaboration meeting to discuss business objectives and network design expectations, and to identify functional network requirements.

         2. On - Site Data Collection - An SMC Network and Security Services Consultant will conduct a current network analysis to evaluate the network architecture, installation environment, and current performance. This step also includes the identification of:

    • Uptime Requirements
    • Manufacturing Process Flows
    • Inoperability requirements
    • Functional zones
    • Planned expansions

         3. Off - Site Data Processing: The data collected will be analyzed by an SMC Network and Security Services Consultant to develop a network design package, including physical and logical drawings with detailed component specifications.   

         4. Design Package Review: Your Network and Security Services Consultant will review the machine level design drawings with you to ensure all network requirements were met to your satisfaction. 

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    SMC's MLND will support growth and reduce costs.
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