Security Posture Survey


The first step to securing critical protection and coverage against cyber-attacks is a Rockwell Automation Security Posture Survey. This survey can be delivered by your local Rockwell Automation Authorized Service Provider.

A Security Posture Survey will provide detailed information to assess and prioritize your OT network security risks through asset inventory, a baseline network traffic, and detection of abnormalities.


Proactively discover your vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and unsecured network connections.

Reduce cyber risk in your industrial infrastructure.

Identification and classification of assets across your ICS network.

Actionable plan for remediation of your OT network hygiene and hidden threats.

What to Expect:

1. Security Posture Survey preparation - The process begins with a pre-site kickoff call.
2. On-site data collection process - The Rockwell Automation Authorized Service Provider Network Engineer will collect packet captures from five various switches in your Plant and additional information as needed in order to complete data collection.
3. Remote data review - The packet capture data is returned to Rockwell Automation and analyzed through the Claroty Threat Detection Software.
4. Study delivery - The Security Posture Survey is created from analyzed data providing you with an overall health check to how secure your network is and recommendations to remediate any identified issues. The Survey is prioritized based on the following:

  • OT Network Hygiene Score
  • Alert Types
  • Critical Asset CVEs
  • Public Address Ghost Assets
  • Architectural Issues

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