Industrial Robotics Solutions

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Slow Cycle Speeds and Lack of Repeatability

  • Unfortunately, humans have their limitations and eventual errors are inevitable.
  • Why are robots the answer? Robots have been known to greatly improve production cycle speeds with unmatched consistency. The more you can produce, the higher demand you can meet, increasing your revenue potential.

Material Waste

  • Consistent repeatability allows manufacturers to reduce overall waste. Less errors not only saves time, but also reduces the amount of material required to produce the product.
  • Why are robots the answer? Robots deliver precise work with a high level of accuracy. Examples would include using less wire for welding, less amount of paint, and cutting closer to the edge, delivering on a higher quality product - and saving you money.

Poor Workplace Safety

  • Many dangerous work environments, like extreme temperatures or exposure to chemicals, can have damaging side effects on a human body.
  • Why are robots the answer? Using robots not only reduces harmful exposure to workers, but also improves predictability within your facilities. Robots have the ability to work at constant speeds with no breaks, days off, or holiday time - allowing your most valued employees to excel in other tasks within your facility. 

Missing Machine Data

  • Nowadays, the need for real time data to make quicker decisions and flexible manufacturing to quickly perform change-overs are critical to meet customer demands.
  • Why are robots the answer? Using robotics integrated into smart machines provides business leaders with a better view of their plants to meet demands, while also allowing them to identify opportunities for growth and improvements.

Integrating smart manufacturing with industrial robotics creates a powerful duo that streamlines production and minimizes downtime. Smart factory features like real-time data collection and analytics can predict maintenance needs for robots before they even break down, allowing you to perform proactive repairs. Robots guided by machine learning can even adapt to production changes and optimize processes to eliminate inefficiencies and keep your flow running smoothly. 

This seamless connection between intelligent systems and powerful robots paves the way for a more efficient and reliable production environment.

Common Industry Applications
  • Palletizing
  • Pick and Place
  • Material Handling
  • Machine Tending

Robotics Services


Industrial robotics services encompass a variety of tasks that can improve your manufacturing or production facility. These services help identify areas where automation can benefit your business. Experienced professionals can then design, install, and configure robotic systems to meet your specific needs. Lucky for you, SMC partners with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure continued quality and performance.

By working with a team that combines expertise with top-of-the-line equipment, you can ensure a seamless integration of robotics into your workplace.


Our experts will work with your team to gather information and identity your specific needs and requirements. From there, we'll begin planning and designing an appropriate structure for your approval. 


Our experts work with your team to identify the specific pain points you're solving for. From there, we'll evaluate your options based on budget, time frame, and requirements. 

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Our Partners


SMC partners with industry-leading manufacturers in industrial robotics to offer our customers access to cutting-edge technology. These manufacturers are constantly innovating, developing robots with advanced capabilities, improved precision, and increased efficiency. This translates to a significant boost in your own production line. Moreover, industry leaders prioritize reliability and durability in their robots.

You can expect less downtime due to malfunctions and a longer lifespan for your robotic investment.

Comau Robotics



  • SCARA Robots
  • Collaborative Robots
  • Industrial Robots and 6-axis articulated arm
  • AGVs
  • Independent Cart Technology (ICT)
  • Collaborative Robots
  • End of Arm Solutions




  • Cartesian Robots
  • Delta Robots
  • End of Arm Solutions

Independent Cart Technology

Discover more with a flexible design and quick changeovers.

Unlock untapped performance capabilities and dramatically reduced energy consumption with Independent Cart Technology (ICT).

  1. Remove Bottlenecks
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  3. Transform What's Possible

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