LED Lighting

The Future of Lighting Technology

Studies show that lighting represents up to 30% of a buildings' energy use. An LED lighting solution has proven to be one of the best ways to reduce operational costs. SMC offers an LED lighting solution starting with an LED & lighting upgrade assessment, customized design layout, cutting-edge solid-state LED products, and on-going post-sales support. With an SMC LED lighting solution, you will improve your productivity and energy efficiency.

  • Tax Incentives Most companies can take advantage of exclusive tax incentives and utility rebates by switching to an LED Lighting Solution for their facility.
  • Energy Savings LED technology lasts more than 50,000 hours while using 33% less electricity allowing your organization to improve ROI while "Going Green".
  • Reduced Risk LED lighting covers more surface area than traditional lighting. This allows operations to reduce risk to employees and minimize downtime.
  • Better Performance Studies have shown that LED lighting technology out-performs other lighting technology in all weather conditions, life-span, maintenance, and replacement.
The Future of Lighting Technology
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