Cybersecurity for Industrial OT

A rogue actor exploiting cyber vulnerabilities can lead to catastrophic security failures.

Cybersecurity for Industrial OT

Contact us to schedule your FREE cyber security evaluation to review your operations and identify potential risks. 

Manufacturers continue to be prime cyber targets per Our engineering team has identified the key vulnerabilities that are common to machinery and control systems across many industrial and manufacturing plants across America. SMC will deploy one of our expert OT Cyber-security engineers to review your operations, identify potential risks, and work with you to develop a fix plan.

Our expert engineers will begin by collecting data on Critical Security Controls through a pre-interview questionnaire. This will be followed by a 1-hour interview with the Customer’s management team and IT representative/administrator. After evaluating the interview results, a Final Report will be provided, assessing the Customer’s environment and CIS Critical Security Controls.

Taking proactive steps to prevent cyber security can help save your facilities from catastrophic security failures. Contact us below to schedule your cyber security evaluation.

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