SMC USA Air Flow Controllers

SMC USA Air Flow Controller 3 Screen The new IN502-44/45 Air Flow Controllers from SMC USA will save your time and money. This air flow controller only requires one analog wire as opposed to the input and output wire required by others. It also requires less piping, meaning you will save space with a cleaner setup.
This more efficient design will also save installation labor, in turn saving you money and manhours. 

Another time saving aspect of this air flow controller is that it does not require a program change. No program change is required when the connected load conditions change as it is not affected by load fluctuations. 

Reduce the effects of load fluctuations:
Change in connected load conditions 

  • Control target changes 
  • Pipe length and pipe bore size changes 
  • Changes in components, etc. 


SMC USA Air Flow Controller IN502-4445 Applications

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