Join our Safety Specialists at the EHS Conference in September! We're looking forward to meeting you, talking safety best practices, and handing out some SMC swag!
Discover Electronic Overload Relays from Allen-Bradley.
Enjoy the convenience of top Hoffman products on demand.
Industrial RFID & Barcode solutions to improve internal process, better decisions through insights, and enhance consumer experience.
What does SMC's Security Specialization mean for you?
Explore Allen-Bradley's Condition Sensing solutions starting with the 839E flow sensor and the 840E level sensor.
Shining a spotlight on some of SMC's MVPs (Most Valuable Partners) recognized as the World's Most Ethical Companies™ by Ethisphere.
Your economical choice for protecting equipment investments and minimizing production downtime.
Join manufacturers from all over the Midwest in 2 days of education and collaboration!
Take your hardware into the future by updating obsolete products.
FactoryTalk® Optix™ software-based operator Panels for visualization.
Long-lasting heat - Lightweight, active fit.
THE aluminum network for compressed air.
An enhanced line of sensing solutions with IO-Link technology.
Provide a safe work environment with a durable Linear Fixture - SafeSite®.
Get 1,000 + hours of expert face time over this four day conference. Discover what's possible.
Claim your rebate on ProTalk radios!
Join our Safety Specialists at the EHS Conference in September! We're looking forward to meeting you, talking safety best practices, and handing out some SMC swag!
Join SMC and our partners at Lucas Oil Speedway for 2 full nights of racing, giveaways, and good times!
Creating an end-to-end HMI solution that offers flexibility across the equipment lifecycle.
Economical and easy-to-apply global sensing solutions.
Save space and labor with less wiring and piping when using SMC USA's new Air Flow Controller.
Monitor up to 96 individual safety devices with Allen-Bradley's GuardLink!
Find your code reading solution with Allen-Bradley's 48CR Code Readers.
Combat the stress of high temperatures and heat exhaustion this summer.
Quickly and accurately locate the correct breaker with both visual and audible indications using Klein Tools Digital Circuit Breaker Finder.
Reduce your spare parts inventory and standardize your design with these Economy Timing Relays.
Reduce operating costs with fast service and competitive pricing on your hose assemblies.
Quality signaling solutions for optimized monitoring.
Experience a 65% reduction in labor with the installation of these Allen-Bradley terminal blocks!
The Gold Standard in Coating Technology.
Discover how Procell’s long lasting batteries can help you save money on replacement labor costs.
We're looking forward to chatting about how our specialist's knowledge can become your power.
Make conversion easier without having to remove any field wires from your existing terminal!
Flexible I/O platform enabling integrated control for your Connected Enterprise® production system.
SMC Pneumatics new Dust Resistant Cylinder from the High Durability Series is 4X more durable.
Make printing on the job a breeze!
Streamlight now offering DUALIE® 3AA Laser Flashlight!
Maximum protection built to handle the most demanding operating conditions.
872C Select 3-wire & 4-wire DC Standard and Extended Range Inductive Proximity Sensors
VICTOGRAIN - The high-performance abrasive grain. Simply better.
Now offering the 700-HL 2-Pole Terminal Block Relay. This product line now includes terminal block relays for high-density isolation and interposing applications.
Seal, bond, protect, and waterproof even in the harshest conditions. CRC's RTV Silicone Pressurized Tubes with Select-a-Bead are the solution for smooth applications and a seal that will last.
Join us on November 9 at 11 AM - 1 PM (CST) where we will update you on the latest security threats facing the water and wastewater industry.
Carbide where it matters. KenTIP™ FS inserts cover the entire front part of the drill. The coupling is completely protected from chip flow and contact with the workpiece.
Automated efficiency - Wraptor™ A6200 Wrap Printer Applicator
Hubbell’s innovative, patented Twist-Lock® devices with screwless terminations are the fastest termination devices on the market. Ensure a strong connection in the most abusive environments.
Problems sending those important texts & emails or making calls inside your building? You’re not alone!
Gain peace of mind knowing that the industry's most respected fuses are protecting your equipment, building, and people.
A sensing corporation for flexible manufacturing.
SMC Corporation offers a wide selection of high quality Temperature Control Equipment that allows precision temperature control to meet customer’s needs.
Join our Safety Specialists at the EHS Conference in September! We're looking forward to meeting you, talking safety best practices, and handing out some SMC swag!
SMC would like to welcome QualiChem Metalworking Fluids as our preferred Metalworking Fluid of choice. QualiChem focuses on water dilutable & grinding fluids, straight oils, metal cleaners, corrosion preventatives, metal forming fluids, and metalworking additives & specialty fluids.
Join us for this amazing opportunity to explore how our systems connect your company end-to-end with data-fueled insights, improving the decisions that deliver results, and how together we are expanding human possibilities.
Contact us to request your free Enclosure Temperature Performance Analysis, at no risk or obligation to you!
Adapt your base unit controller to fit your application needs. Extend the functionality of embedded I/O without increasing the footprint of your controller. Increase the system capabilities through memory and clock modules.
Good things come in small packages. The SlimView Group Lock Box reduces the space you need for group lockout or box storage. An innovative recessed door allows padlocks to hang straight, meaning space-saving efficiency for you.
Melin's new High Performance tools are specially designed for the Aerospace, Medical, Mold & Die industries and now feature a high performance end mill and drill line.
SMC is excited to announce its new partnership with Comau Robotics. Since 1978, Comau has been developing high performing industrial robots to integrate and enhance innovative applications in any industrial sector.
These redundant design products, when properly implemented into the safety control and monitoring system using a high diagnostic coverage, can achieve Category 4, SIL 3 coverage requirements.
The Allen-Bradley® 42JT VisiSight family offers a wide range of sensing modes and a teach push button that simplifies sensitivity adjustment and offers light vs. dark operate output selection
Duo-Lock™ is a new revolutionary coupling for solid carbide end milling applications. This replaceable head design combines a high accuracy in runout and length repeatability with maximum stability, making it a precise and virtually unbreakable interface.
Compared to the thinner OEM o-ring design, the Donaldson Blue filters deliver 50% more sealing area and have up to two times more gasket compression around the frame for a sure-fit seal than their competitor.
PowerFlex® 755TS drives deliver flexible, high-performance motor control for demanding industrial applications.
CRC Brākleen® is specially formulated to remove brake fluid, grease, oil, and other contaminants fast and effectively.
Enter up to 64 motion control step data with position, speed, acceleration, and pushing force so they can be called in any sequence by the PLC. Additional features include separate control and motor power, alarm detection, and in-range AREA output signals.
Join us on June 13-16 in Orlando, Florida for ROKLive 2022!
Gain greater productivity and increased protection in a wider range of applications with the FLEX 5000™ portfolio of discrete and analog fail-safe I/O modules.
X-LOCK from Bosch is the world's first quick-changing system for angle grinders. X-LOCK creates a new standard, makes professionals' work easier, and increases productivity.
Honeywell makes hearing conservation personal. VeriShield™ earmuffs may be chosen as a hearing protection option by a variety of different workers, for a range of different reasons.
Equipped with the latest technology, the GSR family of safety relays offer configurable safety functions and consolidated safety circuits, resulting in fewer part numbers, less panel space, and lower cost.
Plan now to lower the risk of maintaining legacy equipment and achieve increased productivity with SLC 500 to CompactLogix™ 5380 control system migration.
A MELTRIC Decontactor™ is a specialized electrical connector with push-button circuit disconnection that combines the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle in one device.
The right filters, contamination control products, and capabilities to protect machinery and components in hundreds of applications.
VeriSafe is the first-of-its-kind voltage tester that determines the absence of voltage with just a push of a button.
The 440G-MZ has embedded GuardLink® technology making it a smart device that provides the benefits of enunciation and product-specific diagnostics.
The new industrial label printers from BradyPrinter offer less waste, more labels, and less effort.
Enabling Smart Safety Devices in the Connected Enterprise
For a limited time, enjoy special pricing on the Ambi-Dex® Octane Disposable Nitrile Glove - 3 Mil by PIP.
Introducing the SMC Mobile App - providing you an easy way to engage with SMC on the go.
An integrated portfolio of IEC Contractors that save panel-space and energy.
Prevent Linear combines an architectural aesthetic with a tamper resistant durable enclosure and high polycarbonate lens for environments requiring a high degree of protection.
Get a more efficient lockout process with the Panel Lockout. Instead of locking out individual breakers, this device effectively locks out all circuit breakers — at once.
Don't miss this opportunity to continue your learning with a Learning+ Training annual subscription - over 25 of the most in-demand e-learning courses and unlimited access to scheduled virtual classroom sessions.
ISE20 is a digital pressure sensor with an informative, easy to read 3 screen, 3 color display. The ISE20 has the lowest energy consumption of any ISE and has an IP40 enclosure rating.
Introducing the 140MT Motor Protection Circuit Breaker and Motor Circuit Protectors and the Bulletin 140UT Molded Case Circuit Breaker.
The Mill 4-15™ series is specially engineered to achieve excellent surface quality and higher material removal rates in shoulder milling applications.
The 2021 Automation Fair features a new interactive and curated experience through hands-on demos and activities.
Introducing the SMC Mobile App - providing you an easy way to engage with SMC on the go.
CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP Enables Integration of the SafeZone™ 3 safety laser scanner in a Safety Control System.
These gloves are ideal for handling and assembly of medium to large parts and materials, metal fabrication, parts cleaning, mechanical equipment maintenance and repair, and medium to heavy fastening and anchoring.
The EX600 serial interface offers a full suite of diagnostics and programmable parameters to meet the most stringent requirements. The EX600 offers excellent flexibility including digital input, digital output and analog input unit options.
The new SPEED SLOT® Carbide Tipped Hole Saw from LENOX offers 50x more cutting life and extreme versatility. Learn what the SPEED SLOT® can do for you.
The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 800T and 800H are designed and constructed to perform in the most demanding industrial environments. Bold yet functional, rugged yet attractive, Allen-Bradley’s 30 mm push buttons represent the world’s most innovative and unique offering.
Well-suited for small to medium machines, the Kinetix® 5300 Single-axis EtherNet/IP servo Drives provide the design flexibility that you’ve come to expect from Allen‑Bradley integrated motion on EtherNet/IP servo drives, in a streamlined offering to cover your essential machine-building needs.
A thermal audit quickly identifies problem areas and offers compelling evidence of excess heat that can affect performance and potentially damage your critical equipment. Benefits include extending operational life, preventing failure, sustaining productivity, and maintaining equipment warranties.
The next generation 1694 Modular Electronic Circuit Protection products are designed to provide an excellent solution to the challenges of protecting 24V DC control circuits.
Introducing the all-new ArcGuard Comfort Revolution products. Bulky and constrictive PPE can cause distraction and discomfort on the job. You work hard enough; you shouldn't have to worry about PPE weighing you down.
Introducing the new ARC Technology from Milwaukee Cylinder. This proprietary technology extends the life of a cylinder by automatically flushing new oil into the cylinder on every cylinder cycle. Learn how ARC Technology can help extend the life of your machines.
Join us online for ROKLive to explore the explosion of digital technologies in manufacturing today. This two-day event features exciting keynotes, discussions with industrial leaders, interactive value workshops, the Smart Industry Awards, and over 100 product and technology sessions – all focused around digital transformation.
The JSXFA dust collector valves are the filter cleaning components for baghouses (dust collection systems) for preventing dust explosions by removing particulates from the air.
The 1606-XLB Basic Switched Mode Power Supplies from Allen-Bradley are available in 24V DC sizes from 1.5...20A. These power supplies are cost-effective, provide efficiency up to 95.2%, and are rated for long service life.
These new releases from Lithonia are built to last with you in mind. Save money and time with these compact and durable LED lighting solutions, built with quality to last and performance to meet the needs of the job.
Join us for the open house & BBQ we are hosting in Sedalia on June 29th. Learn about new products, services, and training. Meet technical specialists, account managers, and more of SMC's amazing team. *This is an in-person event.
Introducing the new stainless steel hose and fittings from Kuriyama.
The Bulletin 140G Molded Case Circuit Breakers have nine different frame sizes with a range of 10...3000 A to accommodate your required current ratings and breaking capacities. With a wide range of operators and accessories, these circuit breakers provide the protection of circuits against overload, short circuit, and ground fault.
The Stratix 5800 High Performance Managed Switches are optimized to meet a diverse range of application needs. Including a robust set of switching, routing, and security features, the Stratix 5800 supports a wide range of architectures.
The most commonly cited OSHA violations pose serious health and safety risks to construction workers. Learn more about the key areas your business should invest in for safety training and how SMC can help.
The Allen-Bradley® 450L GuardShield™ POC safety light curtains are unlike traditional safety light curtains, which are based on separate transmitter and receiver units. Patented technology allows each transceiver to be used as a transmitter or receiver via an innovative plug-in module.
Modular stack valves allow for many circuit function components to be easily mounted in a very economical, no leak package. With all functions located in a single convenient space, adjustments can easily be made. Functions include checks, flow controls, pressure controls, load holding and solenoid operated blocking valves.
Universal Free-Stand enclosures speed design and modification with easy to choose accessories for large unibody enclosures. These standard enclosures ship faster, modify & assemble faster, and increase safety providing you and your customers more time.
Gigabit Ethernet is quickly becoming the standard in industrial networking as more video applications, sensors, and other devices require faster, higher-volume voice, video, and data transfer. The Allen-Bradley® M12 X-code and RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet are ideal for optimal connectivity in industrial applications.
Quickly scale problem-solving guidance, support, and expertise to your factory operations and service teams with Vuforia Chalk, now offering a free 30-day trial for first-time users.
Whether you’re cutting aluminum, titanium or other materials, these products from Kennametal are the tools that deliver the versatility, performance and durability you need to get the job done right - offered in the most commonly used diameters for the widest range of applications.
The Allen-Bradley® 1494 universal visible-blade disconnect switch provides the extra level of visual ON or OFF indication of a knife-blade disconnect design. These switches have UL, CSA, and CE ratings in one product line. These switches can be connected for rod or cable operation in the field, meaning users also have the flexibility to mount the switch anywhere in the panel, regardless of handle location.
Allen-Bradley® Guardmaster® safety switches help protect personnel, processes and equipment by providing physical interlocking of guard doors, allowing access to potentially hazardous areas only when the area is safe. The new 440G-EZ electromagnetic interlocking safety switch is designed to protect a working process from unplanned downtime to improve productivity and increase efficiency while providing personnel safety.
Coming Soon: The 445L upgrades to the 450L-E Safety Light Curtain. The new 450L-E can be used as either transmitter or receiver and features an integrated laser alignment system. The 450L-E also offers end-to-end protection with no dead-zone. Contact your local SMC branch today to learn more about this cost-effective safety solution.
Dual monitored block and bleed kits, are designed to assist in meeting safety requirements listed in ISO 13849-1/-2 and EN 692 directives. These redundant design products, when properly implemented into the safety control and monitoring system using a high diagnostic coverage, can achieve Category 4, SIL 3 coverage requirements.
The Allen-Bradley® 48 CR Code Reader is the smallest code reader on the market and has the ability to successfully read damaged or incomplete symbols. This code reader features adjustable read ranges and decoding speeds, solving various barcode reading challenges throughout various applications including assembly, packaging, and food and beverage industries.
VersaView ® 6300 is a complete product line of open architecture industrial PCs, thin clients and monitors that offers the flexibility and durability you need to meet your specific performance requirements.
Rockwell Automation offers a full portfolio of Connection Systems and Network Media solutions that provide seamless connectivity for your Integrated Architecture and components.
SMC offers customers an easier way to save time and money. Register on our website today and receive the latest features and functionality to provide you the right data when and where you need it.
PACK EXPO Connects is this year's most engaging virtual event for the packaging industry. Taking place November 9 - 13, 2020, the event will feature daily access to top notch speakers, educational sessions, and live interaction with leading suppliers displaying the latest solutions in their virtual showrooms. Register today!
In the Automation Fair® At Home virtual experience you will be able to explore the newest solutions and innovations, have the opportunity to interact with technology experts and executives, participate in engaging hands-on labs, training sessions, industry focused forums, keynote presentations, and network with leading professionals in the field. Make plans to join us for a new world-class experience showcasing the power and value of our IT/OT expertise.
To help you maintain business continuity while keeping your employees healthy and safe, in partnership with PTC, Rockwell Automation is offering Vuforia Chalk, a collaborative remote assistance tool, at a discounted price. This augmented reality software program helps employees who need to share real-time instructions and guidance without being physically on-site.
SMC is partnering with MELTRIC to offer our customers a free Switch-Rated product sample.
Allen-Bradley® 440G-MZ Guard Locking Switches help protect personnel and are suitable for many types of guard doors, including full-sized guard doors. These switches allow full body access to the safeguarded area, where a high holding force and a wide tolerance to guard misalignment are commonly required.
November 16-20, 2020 - The Automation Fair At Home experience will feature the newest solutions and innovations, the opportunity to interact with technology experts and executives, participate in engaging hands-on labs, training sessions, industry focused forums, and keynote presentations, and network with leading professionals in the field.
SMC now has a CLEARANCE category online! Clearance products are heavily discounted and will be available while supplies last.
By migrating from your legacy E1 Plus Overload to a new E100 Electronic Overload Relay, you can help to decrease downtime, increase speed to market, and optimize operations well into the future.
Rockwell Automation knows Condition Sensing controls are vital components in today’s control systems. High-accuracy, new technology, and rigid standards are combined to manufacture these reliable world-class products.
Allen-Bradley® Guardmaster® safety switches from Rockwell Automation® help protect personnel, processes and equipment by providing physical interlocking of guard doors, allowing access to potentially hazardous areas only when the area is safe.
Bondhus manufactures the highest quality tools available. Every tool is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. Bondhus has been the leading innovator in the tool industry for more than 50 years.
Wondering why you should consider human-machine interface (HMI) modernization? Exploiting advancements in commercial technology and product investment will help enable you to take advantage of mobility, virtualization, and other new technologies. Learn how migrating from RSView®32 to FactoryTalk® View Site Edition (SE) will help you prepare for changes in your own environment and ensure that you are trending in the right direction.
Series connection of safety input devices is common practice in safety-related control systems. However, when the system trips, fault finding can be difficult due to the lack of diagnostic information. Providing diagnostics typically required additional wiring, increasing complexity and installation time. GuardLink simplifies this by providing safety and diagnostic information through the same cable. Connected to a safety relay and using an EtherNet/IP Network Interface, this information is easily passed through to the control system for increased diagnostics.
The new Allen-Bradley® 46CLR ColorSight™ True Color Sensor – like its ColorSight counterparts – was designed to perform the sensing operations commonly found in the automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and plastics, among other industries. This sensor offers enhanced performance in a compact, cost-effective package and addresses an even wider range of your applications.
SMC offers a thermal detection solution to check visitors or employees for abnormal body temperatures and send them home, before they have a chance to enter your facility and infect people.
Are you interested in having an online SMC account, but don't know where to start? Here are a few steps you need to take to get going.
The new Allen-Bradley® 48CR Code Reader is the smallest industrial code reader on the market.
New Product: This innovative push-in connection technology offers dramatic time savings by creating wiring efficiency and provides improved wiring accuracy and reliability insuring a quality connection that requires no double checking.
SMC offers a Machine Level Network Design service that will evaluate customers’ current state with documentation reviews or on-site network analysis to help determine if the network is able to meet functional requirements.
The Bulletin 855T has been a valuable part of the Allen Bradley® Control Tower signaling portfolio for more than 20 years, but this product has been discontinued and consequently, it is time to migrate to the new 856T ControlTower 70mm tower light system.
Did you know SMC offers a Local Same Day Delivery Service to Customers within a 25 mile radius from all of SMC’s 13 branches in Missouri and Kansas. Learn more about our local delivery service!
Factory Authorized Drive Start Up from SMC, offering an extended two year warranty. SMC will verify your installation and program the drive for the application. This service is available for Powerflex 520 series drives in all frame sizes and Powerflex 750 series, frames 1 thru 7.
Join us for the open house & BBQ we are doing at our branches in Monett (October 15) and Lebanon (October 17). Learn about new products, services, and training. Meet technical specialists, account managers, and more of our amazing team.
Get started today on making an online, custom catalog under your account on!
Due to the known energy loss crisis, SMC has committed to providing customers with this actionable service to help you save money and resources. SMC is now offering an Air Leak Detection Audit service to ensure customers are maximizing air usage and saving BIG on energy costs.
Protect your critical electrical equipment with HyShed, the state-of-the-art sanitary washdown enclosure solution. HyShed is specially designed to withstand high pressure, high temperature washdown cleaning procedures in Food & Beverage applications. Only HyShed gives you the ultimate power to quickly and more easily preserve the integrity of your sanitary conditions and equipment, while promoting lean processes.
With the technology advancing at a rapid rate and the market constantly changing, it's hard to keep up with training and new technologies in your industry. Rockwell Automation wants to help you get the training and resources you need to make your operations more efficient.
SMC is excited to celebrate the 20th Year Anniversary of the Chillicothe branch opening. In 20 years, SMC has serviced dozens of local customers, built partnerships with the community, and established it's reputation as a dependable resource for our customers. To show SMC's appreciation, our Chillicothe branch team will be hosting a Burgers & Brats cookout!
SMC now offers THHN and XHHW wire in select colors! Find the colors you need to stay compliant with electrical codes from the NEC. SMC is dedicated to providing you with quality wire, cable and additional services to make your job easier, including wire and cable cut-to-length, paralleling, specialized wire and cable reels, wire and cable pulling heads, longitudinal and spiral wire striping, and wire inventory management.
The 2018 Automation Fair® event, with more than 150 exhibits and over 400 hours of education, will be held November 14-15 at the Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 90 sessions will be offered including industry-specific forums, hands-on labs, technical sessions, demos, and more—all for FREE!
Timing is everything. With Zebra Network Connect, you can seamlessly connect your printers and scanners directly to your Industrial Ethernet network with no additional conversion equipment. Your organization will save man-hours in setup, management, and troubleshooting; increase reliability and device response time, and eliminate security issues, all specially designed for your device and protocol.
The SmartWasher system employs a natural process called bioremediation to degrade and remove contaminants from the cleaning fluid, allowing the fluid to remain clean and reusable. There is no need to dispose of the cleaning fluid and therefore no liquid waste. The system combines three essential components: the parts washer SmartWasher, the powerful water-based degreasing/cleaning solution called OzzyJuice, and the microbe impregnated particulate trap called an OzzyMat. The merging of these three remarkable products not only defines the SmartWasher system but also produces one truly amazing parts washer.
The DW Spectrum IPVMS is an elegantly easy cutting-edge approach to video surveillance, addressing the primary limitations of managing enterprise-level HD video while offering the lowest total cost of deployment and ownership on the market. DW Spectrum IPVMS now includes DW Cloud to easily manage all your systems and users from a simple web page.
The ZK2 series is an energy-saving generator with 90% reduced air consumption. It has a 50% increase in suction flow compared to other single stage SMC generators. With its compact size and light weight, make it easier to maintain. The ZK2 series also has various mounting options to choose from.
The new dusk to dawn LED Area fixtures from CREE, offer outstanding value, energy efficient, easy to install, highly reliable fixtures, backed by a 5-year limited warranty. With traditional or square designs in various optic packages, the C-Lite LED Area Lights are ideal for quickly and easily illuminating any outdoor space while dramatically reducing energy consumption.
The new dusk to dawn LED fixtures from CREE, are designed to be discreet in look and also mighty in power. It will eliminate glare, up-light, and with 18,000 lumens, it won’t leave you in the dark. With traditional and architectural slimline designs, the C-Lite LED Wall Pack portfolio is ideal for quickly illuminating any outdoor space while dramatically reducing energy consumption.
Non-return valves, a.k.a check valves, are very small components, usually buried deep inside the machine. They need to be able to withstand the constantly high stresses for as long as possible and must deliver absolutely reliable service. Repairing hard-to-access parts of the system is costly and time-consuming. Reliable check valves that will not fail in service thus directly boost the operational readiness of machines and vehicles. Check valves featuring the RKVE series is sophisticated technology, that provides a 50 percent higher flow rating for the same pressure differential!
SpectraCool Air Conditioners by Hoffman, deliver energy-efficient, reliable cooling in the toughest environments. Get a broad range of cooling applications featuring Standard, Narrow and Compact configurations with easy mount flanges for simple installation, cleaning that’s rugged for factory and outdoor environments.
Did you know 30-40% of unscheduled downtime is due to power quality issues? Going a step further, do you know what equipment is affected by power quality? SMC has the solution that will help you make better decisions, quicker and to help prevent unscheduled downtime in your facility.
It's time to breathe easy with a new product from National Safety Apparel. For years, the industry standard has been heavy, over sized hood that was too hot to wear for extended periods of time with ArcGuard Lift Front Arc Flash Hoods that actually encourages compliance. Lift Front Hoods provide convenience, comfort, clarity and compliance that that really define ArcGuard Lift Front Arc Flash Hoods.
The EX600-W series wireless system is designed to provide safe and reliable communications by using 2.4-GHz radio frequency bands reserved for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) use. It provides stable communications using various forms of radio-wave propagation, with communication between master and slave possible in a 10-m (33-ft) radius.
Made of high-impact resistant nylon, four independent arc sensors in a staggered design to deliver the most reliable ARC detection, these are the Arc protection helmets you’ve been waiting for!
The safety industry continues to evolve with innovative products that take safety to the next level like the new Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat. Featuring a shell that is constructed from ABS material which is strong, yet ultra-light for seemingly weightless protection. Ridgeline Hard hats also feature a ratchet suspension which is easy to adjust and allows the wearer to modify the fit while wearing hard hat.
The safety industry continues to evolve with innovative products that take safety to the next level. Arc flash faceshields are no exception, and revolutionary technology has transformed the historic green arc flash face shield to a highly transparent, nearly clear, arc flash protective shield that provides heightened color recognition and improved visibility.
Rockwell Automation's Bulletin 1783 Stratix® 2500 Lightly Managed Switches enable network connectivity in applications where traditional unmanaged switches lack the ability to provide diagnostics and security.
SMC is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our E-Commerce website! Whether you're looking to order and manage your products from your personalized user profile, browse our value-add services and solutions or get in contact with a branch location near you, our new website will make it a simple click-away. Learn more about our upcoming features.